Erica has contributed to a variety of print and digital media publications covering topics from ancient to contemporary, creative to informative, cultural to cliche: sports, art critique, fashion, features and culture. Recent contributions appear in  Huffington Post,  New York TimesOryx Magazine and The Guardian.  She is city editor for Luxe City Guide Rome and author of Insight Guide Rome Select. For a complete listing of her published books, please see Books,,,

Flip Side (Interviews and Picks) “Mark Zuckerberg falls to tip, should you?” (May 2012). Yahoo UK Lifestyle “Weirdest Christmas Traditions from Around the World” (November 2011).  BBC -Lonely Planet Travel (August 2011).  Interviews at EyeonItaly (February 2011) and DreamofItaly #ItalyChat (January 2011), guest host for ZipSet Go’s Viva Italy #TNI Travler’s Night In (April 2011), Los Angeles Time Rome’s Gelato is Heaven in Cup August 7, 2008 and New York Times Travel La Dolce Vita Day and Night February 12, 2008. And top picks in [my Rome Luxe Guide picks in their new Travel review] and Top Ten Rome Picks. August 2010.