Moscerina is moi- Erica Firpo,  freelance writer, backseat driver and cupcake taster living in Rome and Italy.  An art geek, I received a B.A in History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania, participated in a Master’s painting program from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and  eventually worked in PR and curatorial positions at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice) and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.  A jolt for movement brought me out of North America and into a suitcase.  Before establishing Rome as HQ, I traveled between California, Europe and Southeast Asia as a speech writer (Merrill Lynch + private clients), journalist and trend spotter.

Moscerina means “little fly”-  the know-all bug watching and flitting around the neighborhood.   My blog is an attempt to capture a few stops on a moscerina’s meanderous path-  in Rome and out.