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Yesterday, the Professor and I stumbled across H&M’s latest fashion collaboration- Versace for H&M.  Versace-wannabes traveled and even camped for a Donatella fix at at Porta di Roma‘s H&M shop.  There was laughing, crying, hugging and fighting as everyone tried to get the black leather studded jacket or even a small purse within a ten minute time frame.   Shopaholics excitedly  shared with me what they bought, what time they arrived and how much fun they had.  Oddly enough, I knew how they felt, though for me it was a subzero sleep-over for Prince’s Emancipation tour tickets outside of a surban video shop.

Like couture collabs over the past few years (think H&M Lanvin, Gap Valentino and Target Missoni), Versace for H&M is irony at its most fashionable: Italian haute couture in a low-rent frock shop . . .all’italiano.   Though one might think these collaborations are contrary to bella figura– beautiful, tasteful presentation and thus deliberately avoiding any suggestion of discount, cheap or short cut–  their utter trendiness is by definition perfectly Italian.   They are multi-faceted couture adventures where stylists intepret audience through mass marketable clothing (in this case Versace for H&M is more of a “best of”-for-the-masses) and the eager audience fights fights for its right to swipe the credit card.   A kind of art/fashion happening.  Adding to the irony are the invitation-only parties for fashion editors, writers, bloggers and other VIPs worthy of pre-sale purchase.  And of course, the velvet rope we saw at H&M’s store entrance.

Did I bring home any Versace? Not even a  box, which is what I really coveted.

Here’s a peak at my  Instagram posts #VersaceforHM and #HMVersace, Rome:

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The fabulous Versace for H&M film