In Rome, being a scooter/moto/car passenger is akin to being the director of a motion picture, and thus I am the Stanley Kubrick of all passengers.  For me, the city is an eternal eye-candy feast which requires starts, stops and revisits.  Yesterday morning, the Professor and I were driving around Ostiense, when we stumbled across this yarn bomb on Via del Porto Fluviale and via delle Conce.

My heart skipped a beat.  Could it be Magda, the self-proclaimed mother of all of yarn bombs and guerilla knitter whose 2010 project for Il Lusso Essenziale made my head spin?  For those of you out of the loop,  Magda Sayeg is a knitting revolutionary, colorfully yarn-tagging cities in hybrid art installations and street grafitti.

This piece was different from what I’ve seen of Magda’s work.  Red branches creep of out crevices, draping the corner like an overflowing octupus as seen through rose-colored glasses.  Just a meter away, a stoplight post stands nonchalantly webbed in violet.  This traffic-stopping (or is it just me) installation is the handiwork of MCM&FT: Maria Carmela Milano and Francesca Terracina for the two-day Out Door Urban Art Festival.

The festival took place two weeks ago, and true to street art, traces remain.  Up the street is a dreamy mural by Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione which I would like in my house now.  Christmas, anyone?